Strategic LTL Partnerships | Armour Transportation Systems
Armour Transportation LTL partner network

Covering your North American LTL needs

We have reciprocal partnerships to enhance our LTL coverage outside of Atlantic Canada

Armour Transportation Systems prides itself in being a “go-to carrier” within Atlantic Canada. So much so, that other carriers across North America choose Armour as a partner to serve their LTL requirements to New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Labrador. We honour and appreciate these partnerships and reciprocate with outbound LTL that is outside of our direct service network.

For our customers, it is a seamless way to increase their coverage, capacity and service levels throughout North America. Armour manages the shipment end-to-end, providing shipment data and invoices the transaction whether it rides in an Armour trailer or trusted partner carrier. Because our partners are held to the same quality service standards of Armour, we are able to ensure our customers’ needs are always met.

Through our direct service coverage and LTL partnerships, we can offer added value and the convenience of one carrier to manage all your transportation and distribution requirements throughout North America.

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