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A third-generation operation

We understand that planning for the future includes protecting our environment

Armour Transportation Systems is committed to being at the leading-edge of sustainable practices. It is our belief that the next generation is the future and that everyone has a role to play in making our planet greener.

To this end, we have an Environmental Committee that analyzes different ways of doing things, investigates new technologies, and asks, how can we do this better? We are a long-standing Smartway partner and are active participants in improving fuel efficiency and environmental performance. This includes reduction of both greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution within the goods movement supply chain.

Green initiatives are part of our culture at Armour

In order to become part of the solution, Armour Transportation Systems has undertaken a number of initiatives, including:

  • Utilizing intermodal services to reduce fuel consumption
  • Promoting short-sea shipping to Newfoundland in order to reduce fuel consumption
  • Employing new trucks equipped to the latest emission standards and utilizing new technologies to run heaters and air conditioners in the cab of the trucks to help reduce idling
  • Maximizing cube and running Long Combination Vehicles (LCV) in order to minimize the number of trips to a particular location
  • Incorporating trailer side skirts and low rolling resistance tires to save fuel, reduce tire spray and increase stability in cross winds
  • Hosting Recycling Programs and Energy Efficiency Programs at all Armour facilities
  • Collaborating to develop solutions for tomorrow with universities and other businesses in our service area
  • Educating a team of highly trained staff for emergency response to oil and dangerous goods spills


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