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Our company is focused on providing a comprehensive package of transportation and logistics services. In order to meet our customers’ needs, we use the latest in EDI and available technologies and deliver shipment data in real time.

We have an in-house EDI team

EDI relieves the need for manual data entry which reduces errors and saves time. Our EDI infrastructure enables our customers and partner carriers to quickly and accurately exchange secure information across platforms from company to company. You can count on the Armour EDI mapping and programming team to work closely with you to achieve your desired result. Features include:

  • Support for various forms of connectivity including VAN, AS2 and FTP direct connect
  • Extensive validation and testing for both inbound and outbound data
  • Tailored solutions specific to our trading partners’ needs
  • ACE/CSA Customs border crossing using the current X12 standards and previous versions
  • Electronic imaged PODs

All types of documents are communicated through EDI: from your bill of lading, to a rail activity report, from a advance shipment notice to a warehouse shipping notification. We are equipped to communicate with our clients and partner carriers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We continue to invest in technology that enhances our service offerings

Web-based shipment data is an increasingly critical management tool and allows us to communicate with our customers at a higher level, in real time and on an ongoing basis. It helps measure productivity and pinpoints areas of improvement for our company and our customers. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Document imaging for online archiving of proof of delivery and bill of lading documents
  • Mobile equipped driver force for real-time shipment updates
  • Web-based track, trace and reporting capabilities
  • E-billing enables us to send statements and invoices via email in a PDF format
  • Satellite and GPS technologies indicating exactly where our vehicles are at all times
  • Online web-based shipping systems allowing customers to automate the entry process, displaying complete costing information for every shipment
  • State-of-the-art warehouse management and inventory control at all logistics facilities with RFID and barcoding support
  • Cross-dock capabilities with RF/ barcode scanning capabilities at each of our 25 locations
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