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Armour Moves to Full Handheld Solution

The Armour courier and city transport operations have moved to a fully automated handheld solution for city deliveries. Using Shaw’s mobile technology, our entire courier and city transport fleets are now equipped with Intermec handheld device technology to provide more information faster.

The solution allows the driver to get their pick-ups in real-time on the device, updates the system with instant information on the status of the pick-up and also starts the creation of the pick-up bill. On the delivery side, the technology passes delivery information back to the system for the real-time update of delivery status as well as signature capture. Today a customer can sign for a delivery and, within minutes, the shipper has the status of the shipment and signature available to them to view.

Because the pick-up and delivery features on the device, like signature capture, delivery information and shipment status integrate
seamlessly with our new Truck-Mate software, we have also been able to move to a paperless delivery system. This is an exciting step in technology at Armour as we continue to leverage our TruckMate system and new technologies that integrate within it.

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