Armour Transportation million mile club

Armour’s Million Mile Club

Armour Transportation Systems considers our people to be our greatest asset.  We have one of the largest collections of million mile award winners in North America. Together, this talented group of driving professionals is a cornerstone of our success and critical in providing our customers with quality service. At Armour Transportation Systems, our driving force is people!

Million Mile Club – 2019

Wayne Bernard

Robert Bourgeois

Maurice Bourgoin

John Bowman

Guy Brideau

Normand Comeau

Ronald Cormier

Frederick Delaney

Daniel Doiron

David Findlay

Kevin Fisher

Mark Foss

Anthony Lannon

Armand Leger

Stephen Lewis

Patrick Mabee

David Martell

Remi Mercure

Rodney Milley

John Retson

Kenneth Ryan

Gregory Stevens

George Vincent

Two Million Mile Club – 2019

Brian Bernard

James Croft

Ronald Cullen

Paul Gaudet

Blaine Hilton

Brian Hovey

Claude LeBlanc

Jason McLean

Jeremy Moran

Mark Player

Normand Richard

Rene Richard

Ronald Richard

Leonard Violette

Eldon Wood

Three Million Mile Club – 2019

Stephen Carey

Michael Carter

Yves Comeau

Neil Leaman

Harold MacAulay

Roger Robichaud

Fred Salter

Ricky Weir

Four Million Mile Club – 2019

Bruce Cail

20 Year Safe Worker

Dean Arseneault

Joseph Brewer

Kevin Buckingham

Andrew Carter

Scott Gorman

Ryan Mannette

Devin Retson

Ola Richard

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