Armour Transportation million mile club

Armour’s Million Mile Club

Armour Transportation Systems considers our people to be our greatest asset.  We have one of the largest collections of million mile award winners in North America. Together, this talented group of driving professionals is a cornerstone of our success and critical in providing our customers with quality service. At Armour Transportation Systems, our driving force is people!

Million Mile Club – 2017

Normand Allain

Jean-Guy Arsenault

Marc Boudreau

Gaetan Boudreau

Todd Brown

Roland Caissie

Robert G Cormier

Guy Cormier

Robert Field

Samuel Gauvin

Ann Lirette

Kevin MaClean

Wayne McCully

Keith Mills

Ralph Moores

Jean-Luc Rivest

Ian Russell

Douglas Scott

Michael Snow

Two Million Mile Club – 2017

Terry Boleyn

Randy Brown

John Clayton

Jason Cochrane

John Dobson

Dale Doiron

Ian Fraser

Garth Gilks

Eugene Kaizer

Kim Levesque

Chesley Pelley

Raynald Rattee

Jean Paul Roussy

Lee Warman

Three Million Mile Club – 2017

George Hutchinson

Richard Lawlor

Ronald LeBlanc

Roger J LeBlanc

Eric MacDougall

Four Million Mile Club – 2017

Guy LeBlanc

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